Thats the thing , people liked big banks because of the perceived security and since they had big profits , services should be free ? Yet last year , B of A wanted to charge their customers a fee just for having a debt card <-- wtf ?

Like you I switched from a large regional bank (after a run in) to a tiny credit union bank.

What the run in was at the regional was , when I was laid off for 3 years. I would just sign over my UI checks to my daughter to deposit into her bank because she had to make up the difference to pay the rent and other bills - what I did not know was the regional would (auto) close your account if there is no activity for 3 months ? - wtf.

Anyway , they not only closed my account without warning they also charge me a Fee for closing my account . Now not knowing that they had closed my account (which had a few hundred still in it), I wrote 2 paper checks which was below 100 bucks , which now bounced , so now I had to pay a fee to both the bank and the vendors for the bounced checks.

New tiny credit union;

Free checking , no balance minimum -> regional, free checking with 250 balance minimum - 5 buck monthly charge below that.

Free check books - regional free only with 500 minimum checking balance

Free direct payroll deposit - regional 2 buck charge per auto deposit.

Free online banking - regional free also.

Free online Bill payment - regional free but complex to set up, went with 3rd party solution.

Cons; with a small bank ? I found none so far and they provide more free services - however mine has only 3 branches on the island but since I have direct deposit and bank online , I have no reason to go into the bank and stand inline. Well I do have that once a year bonus check that is (live) but I give that to my Gal to deposit - LOL.