Yoyo... use this site to see what you can get..if anything.
Check your address... and then add an antenna.

You can always put a small HD antenna on a taaalll. pole.. or run it up a tree.
They make top of the line ones for 80-100 bucks that come with a remote to turn the antenna. They aren't like the old antennas where you had to turn the whole pole, it's a small motor inside now that turns.

Their forum has quite a bit of knowledge for rookies and experts... what antennas are best.. how to use older equipment.. which splitters are best, etc.
You can spend hours trying to determine which antenna is best... or just ask these guys.


I bought my Mom a $40 antenna (indoor) from Home depot and it works great. Of course, we are in a major metropolitan area... but I'm just saying if you can get to work... it works great.
Generally, if you can get the signal... it will be great.