I took my older HD out and installed a newer larger drive for my boot.
I couldn't get TM to do a restore till I pulled the install disks out and put an os on the disk. Then I restored from TM and all was good.
But I notice when launching several things that they are acting like first time launches.. weird.
Whatever...pushes on...

But today on trying to sync the iPad and iPhone I have problems.
Apparently at some point I decided to not back up the Music folder since my drive was at capacity.... but I'm getting head of myself.

A few months ago I was having problems launching iTunes.. so I rebuilt the library. I renamed it iTunes1 and I had problems when launching iTunes under the new library... problems with the iPad and iPhone not being recognized. Warnings that if I synced it would wipe the devices and restore from the computer. I don't remember what I did exactly to work it out..The end result is now that I am having this problem again... the computer thinks that I have the iPad authorized on 3 different computers... when in reality it's just this one Mac.
That was problem #1.
Problem #2 is the phone. I forged forward with the iPad and synced it anyways... it's just kids games and such on that device.
But the phone is a different issue... I am leery of wiping and restoring the phone.
I look in the new TM restored MobileSync folder and see back ups in two main folders.. with dates inside from 11/12012 and dates from today. That's it.