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Christina Dobbs · Hard life
I am a proud Texan & I don't believe in abortions but I do believe that they should be available for women that need/want them. I don't agree that my tax dollars should pay for an abortion but I am ok with my tax dollars paying for birth control...all forms. Women have fought long & hard for the right to choose & now the anti-choice group want to set women back 100 years & why? To protect fetuses? No, it's about control & power..always has been, always will be.
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Gregory Wlodarski · Works at Family doc
Unlike some of the knee jerk and hatefull posts here, yours is very thoughtful and comprehensive. I would suggest, though, public financing of whatever is made for one of two general purposes: either to provide a service that no private entity can do as well (eg fund road building) and to pay for what the financially disadvantaged cannot.

Thus, if it's legal, an individual tax payer in a democratic society shouldn't have say to select what his or her individual tax dollars should be spent on. The elected officials are supposed to represent the collective will of the people and the common good. That's what elections are for. (The dienfranchisement of voters by recent voter suppression laws and gerrymandering are another issue ... don't get me started :D)

Imagine people saying, I don't want my tax dolars to pay for the exit ramp toward a huge mall, the traffic light in front of the liquor store,