The victory I mean is not solely the concessions that were part of this deal. I'll stipulate that it's ok in effect to do away with the "death tax," as they call it, and to concede that people who make 300 or 400 thousand per year are struggling middle-class folks, and to accept that instead of applying payroll taxes to all incomes, it's fine to raise them back to the pre-holiday rate for incomes under the liminal figure. So stipulated (not that I agree with any of it, but just to set aside those points). And of course I accept without objection of any kind that not coming to an agreement would have screwed those who are already screwed beyond measure. So yes, coming to an agreement was a practical necessity for "adults" who "don't have the luxury of behaving like stubborn little brats."

What's left, however, is the idea that what ails the economy is the deficit, and that the deficit is a result of government's intoxication with spending for the sake of spending, and that therefore the cure for what ails the economy is cutting government spending. Cut government spending now, and the result will be disastrous for those same people who are already screwed beyond measure.

We'll see what happens as March impends. It does not look pretty, however.
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