The buzz a/b a potential Speaker Cantor is all over the map. But the dominant theory still seems to hold out for Flaccid keeping his job. If Cantor were to get the gig, it would, IMHO galvanize the left and the WH and scare the crap out of the electorate, resulting in a Democratic route in '14 (or '16 at the latest).

IMHO, Flaccid has been neutered to the point where he's little more than a figurehead, but one who presents just enough of a center lean to keep the left off-guard. Not that I would ever give this Repugnican party credit for strategically looking around corners, but I have to wonder if they're not worried that Cantor might use the gavel to punch a bigger hole in the bottom of an already leaky boat.

Ok, now that I've gotten all of this year's metaphors off my chest... grin