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I plan to join a local gym (Exercise Anytime) and go at least 3 X / week for 1 hour. Like you, I get bored on the treadmill; so I like watching news, politics, or market news. I tried music, but I need the visual distraction too !!

The last 2 years I went to the CDC Lifestyle Center, and that worked pretty well. So I'm not doing this cold turkey. Had some practice ! wink

It seems to always difficult staying motivated and not bored doing the same thing day in and day out. At least on the treadmill, watching something seems to help with the boredom.

I have actually cut my weightlifting equipment back a bit from my heyday. I guess age and time has told me I no longer needed three tons of weights and a series of Atlas Stones. I just pretty much exercise for health now.

I seem to be pretty good at adding weight...what a nice problem smile