On closer analysis (at layman's pay grade, mind you), I don't know that $250K vs. $400/$450K is such a big gap. I'd be willing to bet that while Obama campaigned on the former, he expected a Republican counter offer of a $1 million (or higher) threshold. So considering that he only came up $150/$200K while Repugnicans had to come down $550/$600K and they actually swallowed a tax increase of any description Dems got the better tax deal by a long shot. And the chained CPI for SS is not in the mix either (at least for now).

My biggest disappointment is that the debt ceiling is not covered in this bill, which means another potentially dangerous and internationally embarrassing pissing contest in a couple of months. And there are still all those spending cuts that will have to be revisited soon.

That said, given Boneher's demonstrated lack of leadership, the House could stakeout a big claim on Assclownville and twist the Senate bill into a grotesque joke, or stomp the life out of it altogether. Blech. sick