The sopranos ran on HBO for several years. We followed it here. Some have called it the best series on TV. I concurr.

After running on HBO, it ran on A&E for years. I remember thinking that it would be impossible for it to be on A&E because of the profanity. They did do some creative replacement in that regard as I though hummerous their use of "bloodsucker", "motherjammer" and of course, "freaking" .

I watched all episodes at least twice on A&E so became quite familiar with each episode. So much that I became used to A&E s version.

Now, HBO is running it again, every night, at 7:00 central.

After watching just a few of the original HBO versions, I can say that A&E didn't come close to capturing the grittiness of the original. Not clse. To watch Sil come loose at the executive card game is an example. What a deluge. Hardly close on A&E .

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time