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Looking into phone company bundle,
phone long distance and internet
See if they want to charge you extra monthly for wireless capability. If they do you can get an inexpensive wireless router for around $30 give or take.

Good luck with the move.

Our building only offers free (basic cable and cable phone) - everything else is an upgrade in which the resident has to pay for if it is available. <-- this is not an Association thingy , rather more like a Developer contract deal , with whatever provider, that gave the developer the best deal -> We are locked in for 5 years with cable under the developers contract. Verizon , AT&T are completely locked out for 5 years.

Mind you that after 5 years the Association will take over the older contract and make their own deals with any provider , they may choose. Or they can make it open for any media provider but you would certainly lose any discounted basic service that you enjoy now.