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typo fixed. I **hate** them.

Aside from the fact that I don't like being monetized to death, the biggest problems I have with Google are:

1) ALL their products feel half-finished. They look half-finished, and work about the same amount. It's almost like they stop at "good enough."

2) ALL their products appear to receive changes on a whim, with little regard to the user. And because they're all web services, it's not like you can simply continue to "use the old version."

3) Google has a habit of simply canceling a service (iGoogle comes to mind).

I *HATE* the new version of Gmail. The "buttons" are not pronounced any longer like they are on the HTML version. I've tried every theme they have and they all appear "flat."
I only use Gmail to view. I compose on either Yahoo, Comcast, Verizon or Thunderbird. smile

I don't care for the new versions of Yahoo either. At least w/Yahoo Mail you can continue to use their older version. I'm still on version that came out w/the Tiger os! laugh