I also live in a high rise - 7th floor. View is spectacular!!!!!

My complex does not have wifi either. However, there is really no need for it because there is free wifi among the various businesses in my town which I piggy back on. Matter of fact, when my contract is up with FIOS in Feb, I am dropping the "internet" portion of my bundled services. Just keeping TV & phone. I haven't used my isp for internet service in over 6 months.
I've also wondered if the fact that I am so high up, I can get all the free & unlocked/unsecured wifi signals I want? Or my Airport Extreme & FIOS router can snatch up signals at a distant? confused I always have no less than 5 bars from wifi signals from places over 2 miles from my apt building!!!

Have you checked to make sure you don't have free wifi access? Could be the reason why your building does not have it. It doesn't need it!