Makes me think back when I taught. As a teacher in a larger school in our state, I took my role in supervision seriously. I had very few altercations to which to attend. Meaning I had to break up few fights. Maybe a couple per year. But during times I wasn't teaching and when I could, I was outside my room watching.

One area that I tried to address was notice strangers in the hall ways. We ddnt have a secure entrance so anyone could come in. Thus I watched for people who just ddnt fit. I profiled. This meant if I didn't recognize some one I approached them to ask if I could help them. Partly to do just that but also to check them out.

A rule we had in school was that vsiters were to check into the office first . It wasn't good for outsiders to interrupt a teachers classroom while class was in session. Even a parent. Most parents would comply. Of course peeps up to no good wouldn't.

Occasionally, I would have some one come to my room wanting to speak to one fry students. Often, I would not allow it. Not while in session. Also if I noticed someone who looked as if he was not sure wher he was going, I would approach.

There are over 130,000 k-12 schools in the US and most of them are in session at one time. We have very problems .

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time