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Why would someone want to demonize folks who have a legal permit for a hand gun?

Because this last one the guns were legal , just that the guns was owned (legally) by his mother and her son used the same guns to not only kill his mother but also the children and staff at the school. So really a background check would not have helped in this shooting. Not unless they start to include spouses and children ? ? Which maybe that would be a good idea.

In light of the incident;
Much like how the news paper and for public access , we can get addresses and or locations of convected (sex offenders) if they are living next door to you, sorta thingy -> maybe this news paper thought of the same idea ? ? about registered gun owners ? That maybe theres a Crazy living next door to you with a gun ? ?

I agree that was a very super bad idea to publish their address - better to just say in this county there are this many registered gun owners <- Not give their address for heavens sake.