They were billing this one as the Apocalypse Storm, again, not quite. Blizzard warnings, we were supposed to get up to 12 inches in the city. No major power outages or other disasters, nothing for the talking heads to talk about. The storm that coulda been, sigh. All that wasted copy. smirk

The roads here were kind of fubar, it was freezing rain and sleet in the early AM, made drive time fun I guess. From what I could see out my cozy warm window, at sunrise it warmed a couple of degrees, and the UV from what got through the clouds helped the ice a little then came a mix of rain sleet and snow with a few hours of snow as the last act.

My ass was planted today, I'd planned on today off anyway. I just got back in from shoveling now that it's over, it was some slush covered by a couple of inches or so of snow.

When I was more of a kid we used to have long cold winters here you'd be proud of, things have changed the last 20 years or so.