My daughter:
Computerized sewing machine (starter model)
Soy candle-making kit
Kindle Paperwhite
Quisinart hot/cold blender that makes everything from smoothies to soup
Milk frother
17" HP laptop
Handmade quilt (from her mother)
Assorted gift cards

Cordless drill
Hot dog roller/steamer
Scented candles
Buzz Lightyear talking bobble-head (finally, Woody is reunited with his pal)
Garden troll
Kit Kats, Kit Kats, and more Kit Kats
Snoozies (extremely comfy slippers)
Back spasm (thanks a sh!tload, Santa) eek

Blue Ray Player (and a few movies)
Set of cutting boards

And this morning, I have to run out and buy one more household gift that I didn't expect to need... Damn washing machine shat the bed on Xmas Eve. cry