No way my friend Dave is a jerk! Watch your tongue smile.

I do understand some of what you feel about movie vs book. I guess if I felt like you, I would definitely not see a movie version of a book.

And when you suggest that something that happens in a movie could in no way happen in real life, for me that is what movies are all about. Taking my mind on an imiagination trip. No way on earth could Superman pick a girl up and give her a trip across the skys. No way could the Earth Stand Still etc. I like the imagination part of movies. Well, I like that in a book too.

You and I had the experience of radio in it's earliest days. Now that was a medium that would mess with our minds and imaginations. It was really great too. smile I told my sister not too long ago that I feel like I was born and raised in one of the best times of life on this earth. Then I recounted all the kid stuff I use to do and my military experiend, flying all over the U.S. and Hawaii, etc. I still can't believe how lucky I am.

You are one pretty terrific man, father, brother, uncle, and friend, Dave. You express your true feelings and I don't think anyone here would deny you that chance or think lowly of how you feel and your opinions. We're different -- individuals!! smile smile