Many times, the movies, based on a book doesn't follow the book much. Some times it is way off

Folks who haven't read the books wouldn even notice

My disappointment in hearing, he was staring is that for several years, following the series I've wanted to see it in film. Trying to decide who would be Reacher. So you can see my disappointment.

I had the same consternation, with the movie, Shooter, which was based on one of the first books of Stephen Hunter's series with the character , Bob Lee Swagger. In the book he is a tall lanky middle aged Vietnam veteran sniper. Well, the movie they have him played by Marky Mark. Not at all like the book. Also he's a veteran of the gulf war who was screwed by the military. That and they made the military the bad guy. Not in books it wasn't. Of course, in the film produced during the Bush reign, having a film be anti military was very popular. Fans of the book series felt very much let dwn.

I'm glad you liked the Cruise film. I'm sorry I came off such a jerk here. I was just disappointed.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time