Saw Reacher today. It was a movie BASED on the character Reacher in many books by Lee Child.

I loved it! Reacher was very soft spoken, but brilliant/smart/cunning. His fight scenes were very believable. He fought dirty and below the belt in every confrontation. Talented and skillful with his fists, feet, head, elbows, etc. The last fight near the end was with a guy taller/heavier than Cruise, so you could see he suffered and struggled but managed to outsmart the guy.

Since it was "based" on the book's character, it didn't matter that the book guy didn't have a license, the car scenes were as exciting as those by Bullet in San Francisco. Really good special effects. The audience was totally into the chase! We also laughed out loud at the subtle humor many times.

At no time during the movie did my eyes view Cruise as a "shrimp" in stature.

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If you like good fights, great car races, sort of mystery as to "who done it", and Tom Cruise shirtless wink, see the movie. It's entertaining and out of 5 stars I'll give it 4.


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