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"I'm a former middle school teacher from a school which has had to deal with violence. I've prepared for "code reds." I've witnessed the impact that gangs have on my students. I've even shielded students when a gun shot rang on school grounds. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but every day hundreds of Americans aren't as lucky. That's why the mass murder at Sandy Hook hit me so hard.

And that's why I can not believe what I saw at the NRA's press conference. Did you catch it yesterday? They broke their week-long silence with a bizarre and disturbing deflection of blame.

The NRA's solution is to put weapons in every school. They think by shifting responsibility to the media, music, movies and video games they can avoid a real conversation about gun violence. They had the gall to make themselves out to be victims and ignore the real victims -- the twenty children and their teachers who were killed last week -- even as the rest of the nation held a moment of silence in their honor. How much more out of touch can they be? They blame violent video games and yet have endorsed a game called "Gun Club." How much more hypocritical can they be?

It's time for that to change. We may not be able to prevent every death, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't address the availability of guns and a missing culture of responsibility.

We know now that we can't count on the NRA to do the right thing. Join me in calling on Congress to pass legislation that would ban assault weapons and limit the number of bullets guns can hold before reloading.

Sign the petition in support of responsible gun legislation. Sign Petition

I own a gun and have been to shooting ranges. I have seen true sportsmen bring down large animals and I respect what these weapons can do. But there is a difference between the right to bear arms and the right to own instruments of war. These weapons are created fully with the intent of killing many people at once. There is no need for these weapons to be on our streets and in our schools.

Help us save lives and stand up for responsible legislation.

It's time we prove the NRA politically irrelevant. It's time we take action to stop gun violence.

Thank you for all that you do.


Franco Caliz, Southern Regional Field Organizer
Democracy for America
David (OFI)