I don't discount those stories, but they didn't need a Bushmaster to do it. Most of the time it was small arms.

MY points are :
1. Fine! . . keep the 6 shooter and non-automatic rifles for sport and protection.

2. There are lots of gun owners out there who are more dangerous than a plus because they are not trained, don't practice, etc. but they think cause they have one- they're John F-ing Wayne !! Look at the morons running around with cars killing people, now give them a gun crazy ... I don't want to be anywhere near them in a crisis/hostage situation !!!

3.Let's be smart: require training, and regular updates to own one. They need to know how to use one, store one, and gun safety ! NONE of that is required now.

4. Eliminate Gun sales at gun shows - too many cracks in the system. No background checks. You can get guns- high powered ones- easier than booz or cigarettes !!

Jus my 2 !! grin
David (OFI)