I hope that I'm posting this in the right place!

My newly built hackintosh will shut down during the installation, and then the computer will restart.

The same thing happens when I throw a CD into the optical drive to install Windows. While the setup files are loading, it turns off and then restarts.

More Details:

So I followed the "Ivy Bridge CustoMac Pro Build" on the website and bought all the parts (besides the SSD and GPU). In addition to that, I also bought a Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler and an Asus CD/DVD RW drive.

I created a Unibeast disk from my MacBook (Mountain Lion. Unibeast 1.5.3). I used this same disk to install Mountain Lion on my old Alienware m17x as a test before buying the parts to be sure that it worked, and it did.

I bought the parts and assembled the computer (this is the third PC I have built, but I have never run into any like this problems before).

I seemed to have done everything correctly. I installed the motherboard on the Corsair 500r's built-in standoffs, fit it into the I/O case, installed the CPU, installed the CPU Liquid cooler, mounted the power supply, installed both sticks of RAM in a proper configuration, installed the HDD, installed the Optical drive, installed the Wireless PCI card, wired everything to the motherboard and power supply, etc...

When I turn the computer on with just a keyboard and mouse, it is completely fine. I am able to go through the bios settings without any problems.

When I throw in the Unibeast disk into the USB drive and boot, the Apple logo shows, and then it turns off.

I then removed my Unibeast disk and inserted my Windows CD thinking that it was just bad USB ports, but while the computer was loading the Windows files, it had the same effect and turned off.

Thinking that it wasn't getting enough power, I removed the Liquid CPU cooler and installed the stock fan. The installer made it farther. I got as far as partitioning (I plan on dual booting) and formatting half of the disk to Journaled.

About two minutes into the installation of Mountain Lion, the computer turned off again and then restarted.

I'm running out of options and can't seem to figure out what has gone wrong! Any help would be appreciated. This is my second attempt at a hackintosh. My first attempt at a hackintosh was on a laptop (which is not recommended), but I got that working...

Please help.