Wayne LaPierre,. . . said "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Bank guards
Security persons
Secret Service

He gave a few examples as those above.

True -- if there were no guns in the U.S. those people mentioned above would not need their guns.

Is it possible to rid the U.S. of guns? We've had lots of buy-backs where folk turn in guns of all kinds of for money given in return.

We can ban automatics, clips/barrels with more than 8 - 10 rounds. How do we get people who have them now to turn them in?

We can make a registry of persons having mental illness/conditions and try to keep guns out of their hands.

We can make a waiting period of 3 to 5 to a month or whatever before one can take possession of a gun they've purchased.


Computer games or any games that are war-like, shoot 'em ups, dangerous, etc. Should we ban them? They can't be made any more? Only adults can buy them [but we know kids would get their hands on them anyway].

Movies with war, blood, guts, hangings, murder, electric chairs, pulling out finger nails, chain saw murders, etc. Ban them? What to do?

How can one control those street gangs that use to be mostly in large cities like LA, Chicago, NYC, but now even show up in small places like my own home town? How long have we been trying to find solutions to rioting and things that pop up like Watts, in California, oh heck!

You all know I like guns for sport. I have all my life. I played cowboys after seeing horrible movies with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. I shot the bad guys and forgive me, some injuns too! I was a kid during WWII and played war with a windup tommy gun and lots of other toy guns. I tend to like movies as an adult that have violence, nudity [just a wee bit], fights, and the good guys winning in the end.

As a result of the above, I'll come clean and tell you a secret -- I have not killed anyone one and have never committed a crime or spent time in prison.

I believe there are bad persons, sick people, who get hold of guns who do destructive things. As long as there are guns around those things will continue to happen.

I don't know about armed security guards at schools. Would it work? I don't know. We in my town have had from time to time a police person at out high school. They were not "guards" per se, but just there for people to talk to, relate with, . . .