Saw a program where they took 5 so called gun advocates - aka Average people who want to "protect themselves" and put them in a classroom with other students. {BTW these people practiced at shooting ranges and were good shooters.} The test student was packing heat (but it was a regular handgun gun that used bullets with paint tips). Some time during the lecture an armed gunman breaks into the classroom shoots the lecturer and then starts firing. NOT a single one could get their gun out of the holster in time to save themselves. ALL 5 were killed (simulation). SO it shows that unless you have near the training police get (i.e. crisis situations), you're no more safe than the other victims ! And these 5 were excellent shots... but NOT under pressure.

The gunman also had a gun with paint tipped bullets and they showed where the armed student was hit in the melee... one was hot 3 times in 3 vital spots. The gunman did not know which student was armed so he had to make that call as the simulation played out. it wasn't hard ! (look for the klutz trying to get his gun out !) But I found that amazing -- in all 5... lecturer and several other students killed and NOT 1 time was the shooter taken out !! NOW you could play this 20 times and maybe he might be neutralized once or twice (statistics better with more numbers); BUT in the majority... probably 90%+ of the time it had NO effect !! The other caveat was that not 1 even got a shot off - even assuming 1 did - would he be able to hit the target under pressure ?? and in a vital spot to take him down?? And if you arm 2-3 students how many casualties due to random fire. You think there's going to be an orderly exit ?? whistle

He should have asked Pratt why they didn't lobby for nukes or 50 cal machine guns !! Hey - protecting yourself !! can't inhibit that !!

So most of the NRA rationale is just fairy tales. and "hoping" ! Big surprise huh !!
I knew you'd be stunned ! laugh

Forgot one other thing... you permit the arming of teachers and you put a target on their back !! Like they need more handicaps in the class room ... they're not carrying enough responsibilities !!
F-ING crazy !!! mad mad mad

David (OFI)