brad Metzler and his team is telling us that we have a good chance of the world coming to end today.
In his two hour show, he gave us the reasons, even tho scientists say not , it's going to happen soon if not today. The big one is the major solar flares due to the alignment of the sun and earth. This will bring the power grid down.

That and a major outbreak of the Ebola pox. A mutant combination of the virus ad small pox. Seems there are people getting planes ready now to fly ver Major cities spreading contaminated dust.

I haven't planned any. I do have my iPad charged so I can play games and listen to music for awhile. I don't have any guns so will have to make do with several long knives and clubs for protection. I don't have much food on hand so might be able to catch someone and eat him. I have some salt and matches so might be Abel to salt him down to preserve his meat. Sad that my matches are those so called "safe" matches that can't be used away from their box. Someone had a good idea there, getting rid of the strike anywhere kind. Some good thinking politicians had something to do with that, iguess.

Metzler was pretty definite about something happening.

Sigh cry

Earlier this evening I ate at my favorite restaurant. I asked the manager if I could wait to pay my ticket Saturday. She wouldn't have it. Had to pay it last evening.


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