Like I always point out to the gun folks - we have a spectrum....
No guns on one end.... Nukes on the other!!
Where do "you" draw the line and why?

I believe the majority of Americans do not like semi- or fully automatic weapons and large clips! So 6-8 shot rifles and pistols is the line! But I'd like to see a detailed study!

We can't guess what the Constitutional forefathers would do, but we do know they had no concept of multiple shot firearms. Those didn't arrive until the mid-late 1800s! I doubt they'd approved of all carrying the firepower we have today. Militia/ national guard -OK but individual - nope!

BTW-in the civil war a soldier could get off 3 rounds per min if he was good. In revolutionary times, I bet 1-2, because powder wasn't pre-packaged; it came from a powder horn! All the Constitutional writers knew was the latter! I believe if you showed them today's firepower they'd be super shocked & dumbfounded ! eek
David (OFI)