(Fightin') Quips vs Spartans (Ancient Greece's most famous warriors) doesn't seem like a fair fight even before entering the field, or looking at socioeconomic extraction of the two teams.

I would think the name Fightin' Quips is sort of weak and self defeating in itself. It points, in my view, at an unequal access to quality education.

Once on this roll i may now go on and consider that/if the above mentioned weaknesses may be attributed here —as well as in other more-or-less similar cases— to a "defeatist" teacher's/administrator's educational "psychology/philosophy" which would be a consequence of the very real and frustrating limitations of the educational system in succeeding at integrating their graduates to stable dignified places in society (jobs), suitable for "the pursuit of happiness" and "freedom".

Instead, those dignified jobs are being eliminated in an increasingly industrialized globe in favor of cheap, mindless robotic labor. Those type of jobs have been and are being exported to other countries (like China, by companies we love so much like Apple) and, recently, these jobs are being assigned for the exploitation of extremely-cheap private prison convict labor. The youth opening out into the broader society find themselves in a conflict facing their aspirations, desires, consumer status, etc., find themselves in opposition to, confronted with, frustrated by: the lack of real, stable, productive, benign, dignified social means of survival (jobs).…

… That is: DOA frown

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