I saw parts of his speech... excluding the TP, he made lots of points among Americans. The parts I saw were spot on and emotion a 10+.... gawd how can you not feel his pain and dillema. I think they get all parties to the table. If some leave (aka NRA), it's their call and choice, but start with a FULL slate We need to eliminate semi and fully automatic weapons as well as limit clip size. Under the Brady Bill, clip size was limited to 10... I like 6 !!. It'll take 20-25 years to clense this country, but it'll be worth it.

How about starting with a $25,000 fine for EACH infraction? Sure the crazies won't care, however no law will touch them any way, BUT "law biding" folks could give them up... even give them a bounty for turning them over. Over time they'll be scarce as hen's teeth and crazies will have a tough time getting them. ANYONE selling them gets a 5 yr mandatory sentence. Let's see how many are willing to risk it.
Again the point is to take them out of cirtculation, so 10-20 years from now, they'll be as hard to get as a nuke !! BTW - does the NRA support people having nukes ? wink
David (OFI)