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And Kate, let me just say that you can't blame a town just because one group or another happens to be the majority or because another is not. Some towns and cities are diverse, some are not, and the factors that drive that circumstance are many and varied. Sometimes they're deliberate which would validate your sadness but more often not.

You know, I do kinda* live in a lopsided racial mix town. I knew that, but I thought it must have really changed for the better since I first came here. I looked up McMinnvile's demographics.

White alone - 23,693 (73.6%)
Hispanic - 6,630 (20.6%)
Two or more races - 737 (2.3%)
Asian alone - 481 (1.5%)
American Indian alone - 347 (1.1%)
Black alone - 186 (0.6%)
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 59 (0.2%)
Other race alone - 54 (0.2%)

I have mentioned it before but when we lived in Hawaii, my ex and I were the minority in our apartment house. White alone.

*That's putting it mildly smile