I didn't see it last night, but just watched Obama's speech online. Clearly, not just the President, but the Dad in Chief was at the podium. His emotion was raw, and not only did I tear up at some points, but I admit that I broke down as he read the names of the victims near the end of his speech.

And Kate, let me just say that you can't blame a town just because one group or another happens to be the majority or because another is not. Some towns and cities are diverse, some are not, and the factors that drive that circumstance are many and varied. Sometimes they're deliberate which would validate your sadness but more often not.

I hear what you're saying, especially having lived in NYC where diversity is on steroids and now living in a midwestern suburb where the cultural sensitivity is not up to the ethnic and racial diversity present. Simply put, tolerance and understanding doesn't have to be reserved only for your next door neighbors. It's global smile