What people call "Dodge City" is a misconception. The town of Dodge City was kept wild on purpose to bring in the cattle from Texas. They did ths for about 15 years from 1872 to 86. When the boom died. They tried to keep a balance so that the town could profit from the cattle drivers when they were paid at the end f the drive. They spent their money at the numerous saloons and brothels, bath houses, cafes. Also the men would buy fancy clothes, and tack.

I saw a receipt from Robert Wrights store ( the main mercantile) where his daily gross was over $4,000 that's a lot of money in those times and for a town with pop of 1500.

They wanted to keep the drivers liquored up. So they tried to keep the guns down.

But why the mass shootings now, when it is hard to get legal weapons when for decades is was easy but not so many publicized shootings? Is it the attitude of the populace? It must be. Why don't folks look at the prevalence of the populace to use drugs. When I was in school, I never worried about getting shot at school. Why not? Every farm boy had a gun in his car or truck. I did on occasion have a car at school. When I did it often had a rifle in it. No one thought about it. Why now. Can't be the guns. There are no guns at school now. Haven't been for years. Can you say that about drugs?

But peeps who like their drugs say they are no problem. Peeps who like their guns, say they are no problem. Interesting isn't it. Oh, but people who like their drugs say that when they are using them they aren't thinking of killing people. Well, people who work with guns recreationally aren't thinking of killing people, in fact, they are very cautious.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time