I totally agree on the single digit clips... IF you can have only 6 shots you either have to carry lots of clips, or lots of weapons. They're going to be harder to conceal in those cases and maybe in some situations, the shooter will be spotted before they start. Plus if you have to reload every 6 shoots, maybe they'll get nailed, or removed in the process, thus limiting the carnage.

Think of this - there are clips you can get with 30-33 shots... you pack only 5 of those and you can kill >150 people. The facility can hit the 9-11 alarm after the first shot BUT with that firepower - anyone can take out >100 people before the Police even arrive. That is INSANE - that capability has nothing to do with freedom and only mass killings !

Now the assault rifle ban - it'll take 10-20 years to reduce the weaponry in this country . . even if you did ban large clips. You could have any weaponry ban and not see tangible results for years. BUT the fines or penalty would have to be VERY severe, so the risk to the average person isn't worth it. NRA can still have their hunting rifles and limited hand guns, etc.. but we don't need citizens to be armed to the hilt like they're hitting Normany beach ! SOME say they need it so the Federal Govt won't think of becoming a dictatorship or stripping their freedoms. Really, you're that delusional ??. IF that really happened, "you" really think you can take on the whole armed forces with your 30 round clips ? . . .they'll probably send in a drone to take your sorry azz out so you won't even get the satisfaction of a firefight ! There is just no justification for their wanting this huge capacity for firepower.. it's lunacy !

Plus we tried "Dodge City"- how'd that work out ? There was a reason they checked guns at the city limit. ONLY then did things become "civilized". How in the HLLL did we ever get here ? eek
More people with guns that have insane firepower only feeds the paranoia !! mad
David (OFI)