I think it might be time. Back in 1976, I had been married just shy of 9 years. We had a daughter of five years and in July we adopted three blonde headed beautiful children all siblings.

Our washer just quit. I went dwn to sears and bought the largest capacity they had. A Kenmore. They have served me very well the last 36 years. I had the timing mechanism replaced on the dryer in early 90's and a belt in early 2000's. the washer has had zip done.

Went in this morning and found a loadof clothes that had been in the washer for some time that appeared not to have been washed. Trying it again, it's not washing .

So think it just might have lived long enough.

Won't be able to get a new one like it I'm afraid.

Any ideas. My priority is washing performance. Not concerned with water or energy efficiency as I don't use my allotted water anyway,

What brand/model to get. I will keep my old dryer as it till wors fine. So top loading would be my choice.

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