Just how easy is it to get a gun illegally? I hear this all the time but really how easy is this.

I say this because when I was a teen, I never thought about owning a hand gun but they were available to me at the local hardware store. At the age of 16 I could walk in , put down $95 and walk out with a revolver. Not a .22 either.

Several times these days I've wondered who I would go to to get an illegal gun. I can't think of any.

Of course, I don't buy dope so I don't know any dope dealers. With the prevelance of how harmless dope is and the number of peeps who supposedly use dope often, they must have a way to obtain it illegally, so these same dealers probably would have a way of getting illegal guns.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time