Oh, wait... You want even more proof? Last night he blasts a mia culpa to his entire mailing list:
It has been brought to my attention that the email I sent out yesterday contained some erroneous information… yes, our friends in Washington are egregious on many, if not most counts, but apparently the information I passed on was embellished.

This is NOT to say I don’t harbor pure contempt, bordering on maniacal disdain for (pretty much) “the whole lot of ‘em”, but if I stoop to their level of fallacious spin doctoring…well, then I would be as lowly as them…

My sincerest apologies.
But just when you think the guy is showing a glimmer of smarts, he goes on...
In an attempt to make amends, (and keep from being moved to everyone’s junk folder) I offer you the piece below (scroll beneath my signature macro)

I can ASSURE you that I FACT CHECKED this one 10 WAYS FROM SUNDAY and I will stake my reputation on its accuracy!!!
And this is what's attached. crazy