A friend of mind has a favorite show on HGTV, called House Hunters. I have posted here about how scripted it s but still it's pleasant to watch.

But what iLament abouts that HGTV comes from "Home " & "Garden" . There is no "Garden" to it any more. All about finding and remodeling houses. Mostly finding.

I recall, a few years ago, my eldest sister, Juanita, had me set her up with a VCR so she could get channel 66 which was the HGTV at that time. She watched it because itwas full of programs on flowers and like. But no more. In fact none at all.

So sad that the channels have all moved to the reality based programing.

Not only that but so many have the same type of programing. discovery, A&E , TLC, travel, History. All have the same. And through in science channel

So sad

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time