Are there any major differences in the pictures in these links. I think not. In the first two there are women portrayed as skimpy attired, poorly made up, healthily unkempt, low pad sluts. Men as lazy, drunken, stupid, conniving, socially inept.

The last one the women in crossed gendered poor Mexican men. A couple advertising for work.

Did the cast of heehaw have to apologize ?

We're they branded as racists when no race was used. Both enjoying and celebrating a nationalistic social segment.

I say celebrating even though the group in the first two were aid good money and enjoyed fame while they told jokes making light of the lifestyle depicted.

The last group most likely enjoyed examples of the wonderful food of the nation. And their spirits,I bet.

So who are the evil ones.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time