I understand. And Cruise has been in some good movies. Take one of hs early films which was a film version f a very popular authrof the time. John Grissom's , The Firm.

If you had read the book and ten watched the moivie , you know that the ending was changed drastically . Many times when they do that in a film one can see that it was because of the practicallitty of doing so, but in this case they could have had boks version but chose to fracture it.

It wasn't a bad ending but if one had read the book it rather messed up the mind IMO.

In the Lee Childs case. The movie is based on one of latest of a series of about 14 Jack Reacher books . For a reader of all of these, Reacher brings to each book the same appreciable qualities. So to have these qualities changed for the film messes us up. It's like we would feel if after 13 books , Child would suddenly change Reacher himself for the next book.

If it was a one off book that wouldn't be so bad.

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