I haven't seen the show, as its premere is this next week, but will probably check it out if nothing more to further condemn it.

The Amish Mafia.

A show coming on the Discovery channel.

It's about a group of vigilantes in the Amish community in Pennsylvania who keep order and dispense retribution on alleged trouble makers of the group.

First, I wonder if such organizations exist and if so how accurate they are being portrayed. Knowing a little about the Amish and having lived near several Mennonite communities in western Ks, I'm a little disturbed by the whole concept of having TV shows of this sort.

Second, it appears that this series will be highly scripted. So much so that the partcapants should be paid as actors

Third, viewers will watch this as they do the other reality shows thinking that it reflects accurately the community. Thus it exacerbates the dumbing down of our society. No wonder we are losing jobs over seas because we don't have the adequate skills .


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