I like your math 6 of 1 !!

What can be said about JB that hasn't already been said. WTF is his "plan" for the fiscal crisis?
As someone on the Sunday politco shows said if he'd put out a counter plan they could negotiate. But when he just sits there and says "Nope, BO's isn't it! ... not the one"... there's no definitive criteria to agree or disagree on. It's like you have 2 goal posts BOs' on left , GOP on the right..... BO says I'm on my 20... JB says.... nope not close enough !! crazy OK.... then WTF are YOU !!?? (probably behind their goal post or up behind the bleachers!! laugh )

WTHell won the election and the issue? sure as H wasn't JB or MMcC !!! mad
David (OFI)