OK... far fetched. They definitely dramatize things... but it's a tv show.

I don't see how it's far fetched when I just corroborated the whole show via Wiki. Wiki has a high accuracy rate.

I just stated all the facts and high lights of the show and it seems to be verifiable.


Do you not find it engaging to know that their are numerous copies still unaccounted for and that there is a handprint on the back (they showed photo of that) or that Thomas Paine may have written a large part of it or that we celebrate it on arguably the wrong day or that a copy recently turned up at a flea market?????

But I guess the show attempts to be engaging and a bit dramatic. .. instead of the old dry droning on of History channels "Planes of War" shows of earlier years.

You really are a hard to please old codger, aintchya?

Anyways.. I also watched the show where they attempt to prove/debunk Area 51 and between the two shows they have stated nothing that was unverifiable.. other than their opinions.
To be sure... they do a lot of eye brow raising and side glances and knowing nods... but that's just to help lure you in. At the end of the show the 3 investigators weigh in and give their opinions... which is usually balanced with 1 or 2 believing and/or 1or 2 disbelieving.

I'm in it for the unknown facts that I wasn't aware of prior to watching. Like the fact that Area 51 was built on a silver mine... so there are underground tunnels and rooms where a lot of stuff/secrets may be squirreled away.
"The base does not appear on public U.S. government maps;[15] the USGS topographic map for the area only shows the long-disused Groom Mine."

How about the fact that the government always declassifies information... even stuff they don't want us knowing... 9-11, Bay of Pigs and so on.