I'm a decent fan of Brad Meltzer and his books and TV show Decoded.

The man writes some good stuff and most of it has a basis in actual history.

Imagine my surprise to watch an episode of Decoded about the Declaration of independence and learn all sorts of goodies like the fact that there is a mysterious handprint on the back of it, possibly Thomas Paines who many think had a large part in writing the document. He wasn't present for the signing so many think he wanted to get his John Hancock on the document. (you see what I just did right there whistle).

Ot the fact that the movie National Treasure depicts the document as having a treasure map on the back, it doesn't, BUT, there is a treasure associated with the document, and the Declaration is the key to deciphering the code.

There were numerous drafts of the Declaration, then the final draft called the "fair copy" which was used to run off approximately 200 copies (Dunlap broadsides) at night by a 29 y.o. printer. Disbursed to the colonies and 1 sent to England to let them know we were liberating ourselves.
Only a fraction of those copies are known now... 1 of which showed up in recent years in the back of a painting bought for 4 dollars at a flea market. It sold for millions and is now owned by a consortium including Norman Lear.

Or that we celebrate Independence Day on the wrong day. July 2nd we declared our independence, July 4 they approved the document in it's final iteration, August 2nd the document was signed... with final signatures happening in September.

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