A lot of navy SEALS and the like are what I call medium size at 5'10" and 185. This is because of the endurance and maneuvering they need to do. Fighting, I would think is a different story. In the Jack Reacher books, a major part of his description is his size, at 6'5" and 250 with huge fists.

Think of the John Coffee character in the Green Mile. Would it be even close to the same movie if he was played by leVar Burton? No, the played him with Michael Clarke Dunkin who is huge but the shot him to make him even bigger, because his size was part of the plot.

Just like the Jack Reacher character. In one scene in one of his books, he enters a bar where he has to take on six bad guys, who are big and tough. He even describes how he will do it using his size.

Now if it were Tom Cruise doing it, we would all laugh. It would be like his saying, "I faint to the left of the guy on my right, who grabs my leading arm and pins me down and proceeds to beat me senseless , while the other five thugs merely continue to sip their brews and talk about girls"

cruise can play all the characters in the Mission Impossible movie and Robert Downey can play that ridiculous version of Sherlock Holmes but size is not of importance.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time