I have a wireless network using Airport.

I need a hard drive to make a clone of my iMac before I try to update to Stone Mountain Lion software wink.

For a year and a half, I have this Time Capsule sitting in a closet, never opened, never used.

It's a hard drive, right?

Well I take it out of the box and plug the power in. I insert the install disk and it is not recognized by my iMac. Recently, I inserted an EyeTV install disk and it was not recognized either. My iMac plays movie DVDs successfully, even today.

To install the EyeTV, I put the disk in another iMac and copied over necessary files to install. This method is not working with the Time Capsule. I can't install the Time Capsule software. When I try copying the package over to this iMac, it just brings an alias. If I click on the package over on the other iMac, from this iMac, it tells me to copy it over to here.


I suppose I have given information overload so I will continue in new msg.