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Well, if this actually helps them in '14 and '16, then the Repugnican campaign slogan will have to be I'm with Stupid.-->

How is it the teaparty gained so much power in 2010? We underestimated them then, there was more cynicism than anything really tangible to offset them.. The I'm With Stupid campaign strategy works if dems don't get out and vote. This is where apathy has to be targeted. Hopefully the 2012 re-election machine stays in place and is already gearing up for the mid-term. Dems are at a disadvantage because Obama is not on the ballot to get people to the polls.

I understand that the TeaParty of 2010 won't be the same in 2014 or 2016. It might be stronger... I think it'll be better funded by Wall Street and the billionaires like Adelson.

The rational part of me says Dems should be able to utilize the power they have and build on it, they've got Obama with the wind at his back. The emotional side of me says "oh f*ck!" we've seen this before. laugh