they haven't changed there tune a bit and continue to push the same Romney Ryan plan and talk of repealing Obamacare. If Obama stays strong and wins the fiscal cliff debate I fear it's just going to embolden these douchebags to continue their obstruction and threats to shut down the government and cause another debt ceiling crisis. The few republicans that have recently spoke of working together and dropping their Norquist pledge is just bulsh!t, I doubt they'll actually give an inch. Benghazi fizzled out for them so now all they've got left is to tank the economy again if they aim to win the 2014 midterm and have a shot in 2016. Is a strong economy and jobs recovery again a hostage to teaparty anti-government ideology and abortion rights in Obama 2.0? This is where Bohner is going to define his legacy if he ever discovers how to do his job.