HA! Papa John's is in paranoia overdrive. How do I know this? Good ol' Google Analytics! Among many other things, it tells me via which ISPs my website visitors arrive Comcast, Covad, RoadRunner, AT&T, etc. But large corporations are, in effect, their own ISPs, and show up as such on that page.

I check my analytics every morning to see what the traffic is, what pages are visited, bounce rate, referrals, etc. And this morning, on the ISP list, there it is: Papa Johns International, Inc. shocked

This tells me they're crawling all over the web to sample public opinion, and in some cases, they're tracing search results to their points of origin. I've been pretty vocal a/b this issue on Facebook, and sure enough, under the Referrals section in the Traffic Sources report, FB was on the list.

Looks like someone at Papa John's cut the cheese! laugh