As I posted on FB on Sunday...
( I ripped it from a commentors post after an article about gun sales going thru the roof now that Obama has been re-elected).

You better stock up guys. It is only a matter of time. It'll come. The day you all have dreaded. Obama outlaws individual gun ownership and UN troops along with Obama's brown shirts will be going door to door confiscating private guns from American citizens.

And then, he will write a bill making every company property of the Federal Government.

And for those who resist, it will be a re education camp for you.

And then comes the outlawing of religion.

Private schools will be shut down replaced by Marxist ideological schools.

Obama will appoint himself King when the resistance attempts to fight back, but the Obama military is too strong. Oh sure, there will some in the military who cross over to the resistance, but too few for an effective insurgency.

The government will be in total control. Gone, the free market and high costs. Instead, replaced with coupon books.

Obama will take the US into a new world order, aligning with the Islamic Theocracy of Iran and befriend both China and the Newly organized Communist Russia. Together they will redraw the world map in their self interest.

By 2050, we will enter into the often predicted "Golden Age" of Communism. This may be our last real Christmas, as it will be outlawed.

Cubans will flock to America and Cuba will become a prison colony for those arrested in the resistance, political prisoners and the like.

All sports will cease to exist, instead replaced with mandatory military service.
Ruuunnn... runnnn... get yer guns n ammo HERE!!!!

This is what some of you really think.