The smell test gets stinkier

June 11, 2012 - Broadwell pictured with Rove, who tweets about it in June.

June-August, 2012 - FBI receives complaint about "harassing emails" sent by Broadwell to Jill Kelley

October 26, 2012 - Fox News "Exclusive" claiming CIA requested and was refused reinforcements.

October 26, 2012 - Broadwell pimps the Fox News version of events at a University of Denver symposium

October 28, 2012 - Rove hammers and expands on it in an interview on Fox News

Approximately October 28-31, 2012 - FBI confronts Petraeus and interviews him about emails, determines no breaches of national security have taken place.

October 31, 2012 - Cantor Chief of Staff contacted by Rep. Dave Reichert about FBI 'whistleblower'. Cantor says he contacted the FBI immediately.

November 6, 2012 - Barack Obama wins re-election

November 6, 2012 - James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) informed of FBI investigation

November 8, 2012 - Petraeus submits resignation

November 9, 2012 - Resignation accepted

Sen. Feinstein says Petraeus went to Libya and his trip report has disappeared.
Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC repeated this clip of Diane Feinstein talking about the report:

"I believe there was a trip report - someone told me he has read it - NOW SHE IS TOLD THERE IS NOT TRIP REPORT - if we have to go to the floor of the senate with a supoena we'll do it."