In my, as far, unending happy buzzy at reading all the post mortems articles, there is a lot of talk about all the money that was spent. I have probably read three or four such articles.

Sheldon Adelson, who apparently would have saved 2 billion under Romney's plan, spent 100 million dollars on Romney and eight competitive Senate Gopper candidates and lost all of them.

The article I read (in an actual newspaper, so I don't have the link) says that in trying to placate Adelson and all the other mega-rich who dumped money in, the PAC leaders are saying, and probably rightly so, that it would have never been nearly as close as it was without all the money. That is tacit admittance that they had a weak candidate and an increasily weakening base in the Gop. For me, and I am sure many others, it is a another great joy from all of this that this election could not be bought. Let's hope future elections also can't.
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle